Improving aviation quality through the following aims:

  • Improving general welfare and technical interests of European MRO’s particularly those within the Group.
  • To foster a relationship with the regulatory agencies, manufacturers and other applicable aviation bodies including the Authorities.
  • To promote such activities as may be in the common interest of the Group’s members.
  • To exchange information of mutual interest that does not infringe on business interests.
  • To identify industry related problems which affect the operation and maintenance of Group members businesses and, where applicable, promote discussion with appropriate bodies in order to achieve a speedy and satisfactory solution or improvement.
  • To influence EASA through a seat at the EASA Advisory Board (EAB).
  • To influence Rule changes through a seat at the SSCC.
  • To participate in working groups to determine rule changes.

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Benefits of joining include the sharing of regulatory information and the ability to influence the direction of EASA and National Authorities.

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